Three-Year Plan 2012-2015

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Reporting on COL's Work  

COL reports on its work through a variety of means, both in print and electronically.

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  • Quarterly Reports to the Board of Governors
  • Minutes of Board of Governors' meetings
  • Financial Statements


Communications documents: 

Connections and EdTech News newsletters provide a continually updated mailing list of over 10,000 government officials and education leaders with information on COL's work with its partners, as well as other developments worldwide. COL also issues regular electronic bulletins. To be added to COL's mailing list and/or electronic distribution list please send your request to

COL's work by Commonwealth region (regional brochures)

COL Clippings (news articles profiling individual projects and programmes; available for reprint)



Formal reporting: 


Three-Year Plan 2012-2015
Learning for Development






COL's response to the Multilateral Aid Review, conducted by the UK Department for International Development, August 2010


Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings

  • Colombo, Sri Lanka: 15 - 17 November 2013
    COL prepared a commemorative brochure, "Celebrating 25 Years of Progress" for this CHOGM.
    COL presented to Pre-CHOGM meetings of Foreign Ministers of Small States on 12 November and all Foreign Ministers on 13 November.
    CHOGM Communique (PDF) - Para 93 deals with COL: "Heads of Government congratulated the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) on its 25th anniversary and noted COL's ongoing support to member states in enhancing access to formal and non-formal education and training through the use of appropriate technologies. They commended COL for evolving to remain relevant to the needs of member states; for its enhanced focus on outcomes and impact, and on delivering value for money. They appreciated COL's 'learning for development' approach, which can effectively address development issues such as poverty, inequity, food security and health. They expressed particular appreciation for the Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth, in which all thirty two Small States are active members. Heads encouraged COL to develop further innovations in educational technologies and models for replication by other countries and stakeholders."
    CHOGM 2013 Outcomes 
  • Perth, Australia: 28 - 30 October 2011
    COL's report to CHOGM looked like this. The documentation is this wrap-around to a brochure on "COL and the Millennium Development Goals" which is available at
    COL also provided Foreign Ministers with preliminary versions of the individual Country Reports for 2009-2012 that COL will be presenting to Commonwealth Education Ministers when they meet in Mauritius in August 2012.
    October 26: Presentation to Foreign Ministers by Board Chair, the Honourable Burchell Whiteman, O.J. and then President and C.E.O., Sir John Daniel.
    October 26: Following the COL presentation to Foreign Ministers, Australian Foreign Minister, the Honourable Kevin Rudd, announced that Australia would be rejoining as a financial partner of COL. He also included this in his speech later in the evening.
  • Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago: 27 - 29 November 2009
    CHOGM 2009 Communiqué (PDF) 
  • Kampala, Uganda: 23 - 25 November 2007
    Theme: Transforming Commonwealth Societies to achieve Political, Economic and Human Development

    COL's Report to CHOGM: Towards a Commonwealth of Learning: Twenty Years of Progress:
    Presentation to Foreign Ministers' Committee, by HE The Hon. Burchell Whiteman (Acting Chair), Sir John Daniel (then President and CEO) and Professor Asha Kanwar (then Vice President)
      Report - 1.5 Mb PDF download
  • Valletta, Malta: 25 - 27 November 2005
    Networking Learning Communities for Development. Presentation by Lewis Perinbam, O.C., Chair of COL's Board of Governors, reporting to the Foreign Ministers' Committee at CHOGM 2005
    Networking Learning Communities for Development: The Commonwealth of Learning and the Millennium Development Goals. COL's report to CHOGM 2005 - 635 Kb Acrobat PDF download
    Covering letter for COL's report to CHOGM 2005.
    From Sir John Daniel, then President and C.E.O. - 148 Kb Acrobat PDF download
  • Abuja, Nigeria: 5 - 8 December 2003
         - Abuja Communiqué, paragraph 67 on COL: "Heads of Government received with appreciation the Report of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and accepted its recommendations, in particular, the proposal of the Commonwealth Conference of Education Ministers for a Commonwealth Virtual University for Small States. They noted COL's request for resources to finance its three-year Strategic Plan.")
  • Brisbane, Australia, October 2001 postponed to March 2002 and moved to Queensland's Sunshine Coast
    New Tools for New Skills - The Commonwealth of Learning's contribution to continuity and renewal in the 21st Century Commonwealth
    (Report to CHOGM from COL's Board of Governors).  620 Kb Acrobat PDF download 
  • Durban, November 1999

  • Edinburgh, October 1997
    COL's Report to 13CCEM provided to Heads of Government (PDF file)

  • Auckland, November 1995

Reports to annual meetings of the Commonwealth Secretariat Board of Governors

Conferences of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM, )

  • 18CCEM: Mauritius; 28 - 31 August 2012.
    Theme: "Education in the Commonwealth: bridging the gap as we accelerate towards achieving internationally agreed goals"
    COL presentations / Ministerial Communiqué. Para 19 deals with COL: "Ministers commended the Commonwealth of Learning on its work since 16CCEM; endorsed the three year plan for 2009-12 “Learning for Development”; and reiterated commitments to continued financial support. Ministers especially praised the work of the Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC), and encouraged its expansion in terms of capacity-building in the use of ICTs in education, and the development and delivery of courses, with particular emphasis on mechanisms for quality assurance."
  • 17CCEM: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 15 - 19 June 2009.
    Theme: "Making Connections and Partnerships: Towards and beyond global goals and targets"
    COL presentations / Ministerial Communiqué (para 13 on COL)
  • 16CCEM: Cape Town, South Africa; December 2006: 
    COL presentations 
  • 15CCEM: Edinburgh, Scotland; October 2003:  COL's reporting 
  • 14CCEM: Halifax, Canada; December 2000
    and Report to the Commonwealth High-Level Review Group (2000) 
  • 13CCEM: Gaborone, Botswana; July 1997 COL's Report to 13CCEM (PDF file)
  • 12CCEM: Islamabad, Pakistan; November 1994: Strategic Outlook, 1995 - 1998