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The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) provides the information and resources contained in this website ( for use by policy makers, educational designers and educators world-wide. COLs focus is in strengthening institutions in developing Commonwealth countries that are striving to provide affordable education to larger numbers of their citizens.

COL is not an educational institution. It does not register students and does not directly offer courses, programmes of study, scholarships or bursaries.

COL does provide an accreditation service and does not endorse institutions or programmes. COL is also unable to provide directories of courses available in the Commonwealth.

While COL and its affiliates make every effort to provide high quality content on its website they cannot not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of this information and, therefore, they cannot be held liable in any capacity for damages or losses to the user or any third party that may result from the use of this information.

Links to third-party websites

For the convenience of its users, COL provides a number of links to third-party websites. The inclusion of these links and references does not in any way imply endorsement by COL or any of its affiliates. Since these links and references are not under COL's control, it cannot be held responsible for the contents or for the opinions and statements that may be expressed therein.

Consultants' reports and conference papers

This website contains several studies, reports and papers that have been prepared on consultancy to COL or for presentation at COL-sponsored conferences. While these studies were commissioned or solicited by the COL, they have not necessarily been subjected to an editorial process. The views and opinions expressed therein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect official policies or positions of the Commonwealth of Learning.

COL Blog

Opinions and statements expressed on COL's Blog ( and resulting discussions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect any official position or policy of the Commonwealth of Learning.  

Linking to COL's website and referencing content and publications

Generally, other websites may link to COL's website without seeking permission from COL. However, such use must clearly identify COL as the source of the information displayed including the URL, Further, such links must preserve the integrity of COL's web pages.

Generally, users may quote content from COL's website, newsletters, publications and speeches without seeking permission from COL, but such use must clearly identify COL as the source of the information displayed including URL, Further, such use must preserve the integrity of COL's content and not be taken out-of-context in such a way that the meaning of the content could be misconstrued.

COL would appreciate being notified whenever links are created to its website or content is quoted.

Copyright, printing and repackaging of COL's materials

All materials, text, photographs, audio clips, video clips, graphic materials, coding, and other forms and content appearing on COL's website are the exclusive property of COL unless otherwise indicated - such as use through the specific permission of third-parties.

Users are restricted from reselling, redistributing, or creating COL's publications or other derivative works for commercial or profit-making purposes without the express, written consent of COL.

Non-profit use of COL's publications, through printed or electronic means, is encouraged. Reprinted, repackaging and translation is also permitted for non-profit use. Credit and attribution to COL must be clear in all cases and translated versions must also state that COL takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the translation. Further, such use must preserve the integrity of COL's content and not be taken out-of-context in such a way that the meaning of the content could be misconstrued.

Please provide COL with copies (physical and electronic, as available) of any reprinted, repackaged or translated materials.

Some of COL's publications are course materials that have been acquired from or jointly developed with affiliates and partners. Generally these are available for use under "Some rights reserved/ creative commons guidelines (, however some restrictions may apply in some cases, such as use restricted to developing Commonwealth countries only.

IP addresses logged

COL’s website does not use “cookies” to track user activity outside of COL’s website, but does log IP addresses of those accessing COL’s website (as all websites do) and does, on occasion, use aggregate data in order to analyse usage. Individual activity is not analysed nor shared with third parties.


Information that you provide to COL is used for communicating with you and/or enhancing your experience with COL. COL does not distribute your individual information to others except as may be compelled by law. Collective information may be shared with others but does not identify individuals.

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