Programme Assistant

Ms. Patricia Schlicht joined the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) in 2000, bringing her international expertises from a variety national and international Governments, and non-government organisations to COL.

She coordinates programme work for the Education Specialist of eLearning and Gender Manager.

Ms. Schlicht graduated from the business college, Colon College, in Hamburg, Germany with a Diploma in English and Spanish as a second language. She obtained certificates in international marketing, global entrepreneurship and international trade research (FittSkills), from the British Columbia Institute of International Trade (BCISIT) in Vancouver, Canada. In addition, she graduated from a Self-Employment Programme offered by Douglas College in Vancouver, Canada and consequently ran her own business.

Besides her full-time responsibilities at COL since 2000, Ms. Schlicht has acquired a broad knowledge of the Pacific Rim, which has supported her work at the Commonwealth of Learning (COL). From September 2002-2004, Ms. Schlicht successfully completed the Pacific Rim Program at Langara College in Vancouver, Canada and obtained a Certificate in Pacific Rim Studies, a study program which specifically focuses on Asia with emphasis on variables in language, culture, business, politics, international relations, and education. Ms. Schlicht was accepted into the Access Study Program at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in August 2004, to continue her studies by distance.

She was introduced to the concept of Free/Libre Open Education Movement in May 2006 at COL and has since then gained considerable knowledge in the area of Open Education and eLearning. Since WikiEducator became its own entity in 2009, she has continued to support it in her free time, and is actively involved in building capacity in the global communities by facilitating WikiEducator online training workshops under the Learning4Content initiative, to building a sustainable global network of WikiEducators.

The versatility of her background and multi-layered national and international experiences of over two decades and the combination of educational skills and practical experiences in these fields, enable Ms. Schlicht to successfully excel in the execution of the tasks assigned to her and to contribute to a result-oriented team at COL and in the world community.

Email: pschlicht
Direct Telephone: +1 604 775 8227