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Malaria Prevention, Control and Management (AMREF)  


This course was designed in order to equip you with the knowledge, skills and right attitudes to fight malaria.   In particular, it was intended to:

  • Provide health workers at different levels of health care service with knowledge, skills, practice and attitudes on malaria prevention and control through self-guided/tutored materials on malaria; 
  • Provide you with a quick reference for use at your place of work so that you can effect prompt diagnosis, appropriate treatment and/or referral of malaria cases; 
  • To provide you with simple diagnostic and treatment guidelines which you can internalize through self-guided learning.

The course units can be downloaded in DOC format below: 

Introduction to the Course
( DOC 223KB)
( ODT 1.3MB)

  • Unit 1: About Malaria
    ( DOC 1.7MB)
    ( ODT 116KB)   
  • Unit 2: Clinical Assessment of Malaria
    ( DOC 1.6MB)
    ( ODT 1.6MB)
  • Unit 3: Severe and Complicated Malaria
    ( DOC 276KB)
    ( ODT 59KB)
  • Unit 4: Treatment of Malaria
    ( DOC 5MB)
    ( ODT 4.7MB)
  • Unit 5: Treatment Defaults in Malaria
    ( DOC 330KB)
    ( ODT 67KB)
  • Unit 6: Referral in Severe and Complicated Malaria
    ( DOC 172KB)
    ( ODT 58KB)
  • Unit 7: Malaria in Pregnancy
    ( DOC 4.5MB)
    ( ODT 4.4MB)
  • Unit 8: Prevention and Control of Malaria
    ( DOC 7.4MB)
    ( ODT 7MB)
  • Unit 9: Community Based Management of Fever and Malaria in Children
    ( DOC 313KB)
    ( ODT 197KB)
  • Unit 10: HIV/AIDS and Malaria
    ( DOC 204KB)
    ( ODT 95KB)
  • Unit 11: Counselling and Health Education on Malaria
    ( DOC 310KB)
    ( ODT 97KB)
  • Unit 12: Malaria Surveillance
    ( DOC 700KB)
    ( ODT 425KB)

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