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This is a list of links to copyright acts of the Commonwealth Countries.



Antigua & Barbuda link
Australia link
The Bahamas link (pdf)
Bangladesh link
Barbados link


Botswana link
Brunei link
Cameroon link
Canada link (pdf)
Cyprus link
Dominica link
Fiji link
The Gambia link
Ghana link
Grenada link
Guyana link 
India link
Jamaica link
Kenya link
Kiribati link



Malawi link
Malaysia link
Maldives link
Malta link
Mauritius link
Mozambique link
Namibia link
Nauru No information.
New Zealand link
Nigeria link
Pakistan link
PNG link
Samoa link
Seychelles link
Sierra Leone No information.
Singapore link (html)  link (pdf)
Solomon Islands link
South Africa link
Sri Lanka link
St Kitts & Nevis link
St Lucia link
St Vincent & The Grenadines link
Swaziland Copyright protection is addressed under four statutes, dated 1912, 1912, 1918, and 1933.   According to the Registrar General for the Ministry of Justice, the statutes have yet to be implemented and copyright protection in Swaziland is "limited." The Ministry of Justice is in the process of drafting an updated Copyright Act, based on the World Intellectual Property Rights Organization (WIPO) model.   Swaziland does not have bilateral copyright relations with the United States. As at 2005.
Tanzania link
Tonga link
Trinidad & Tobago link
Tuvalu link
Uganda link
UK link (html)   link (pdf)
Vanuatu link
Zambia link

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