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Contributors: Roger Powley, CD PhD
Publishers: COL (July 2011)
ISBN: n/a
Format: PDF (Portable Document Format)/Acrobat Reader
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This Instructional Design Tool (IDTool) was developed as a rigorous, yet simple tool to support the development of quality courses and learning materials. Through this tool the Commonwealth of Learning is encouraging institutions to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency and appeal of the learning experience.

This download is a web version of a CD-ROM, the resources (files) can be accessed by progressing through the pages from "Start" or by clicking in "Skip Introduction".

This publication is currently available in electronic format only. It is not available for order as a physical copy.
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The foundation of this resource is the Instructional Design Tool (IDTool). It is a short interactive tool with additional resources and weblinks that takes the developer through the different stages of course development. It is enriched with several templates that can be used for course and materials development.

The IDTool supports a five-day workshop to build course development skills. All the materials, including the workshop programme, presentations, study guide and instructor guide are available on the DVD. The workshop consists of three phases: a phase where participants prepare for the workshop and identify a development activity, the five-day workshop that takes the participant through the different stages of the Instructional Design Process and the post-workshop activities where participants will apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their own context.

Files on the DVD are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF), MS Word/PowerPoint 97-2003; MS Word/PowerPoint 2007-2010 and Rich Text Format (RTF).

The tool can be used in various ways:

  • As a self-help tool to strengthen developers’ skills in developing courses (Study guide and IDTool);
  • As templates for developing courses and learning materials (Templates);
  • As a resource for training in Instructional Design (Only the IDTool); or
  • As a five-day face-to-face workshop to build the capacity of developers in developing courses (All files).
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