Survey on Governments’ Open Educational Resources (OER) Policies

by Sarah Hoosen (Neil Butcher & Associates) (Editor)
Publishers: COL, UNESCO (June 2012)
ISBN: 9781894975541
Format: PDF (Portable Document Format)/Acrobat Reader
This publication is currently available in electronic format only. It is not available for order as a physical copy.
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As part of their joint project Fostering Governmental Support for Open Educational Resources Internationally, UNESCO and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) invited all governments to provide information about their policies in relation to open educational resources (OER) to assess the current and potential uses of this approach to learning and teaching. This report provides an overview of the findings of the COL/UNESCO survey on OER policies and activity across all countries of the world, and puts forward some suggestions for promoting the use and development of OER and overcoming current obstacles to its implementation.
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