Report on the Assessment and Accreditation of Learners using OER

by Dianne Conrad (Author), Wayne Mackintosh (Author), Rory McGreal (Author), Angela Murphy (Author), Gabi Witthaus (Author)
Publishers: COL (July 2013)
ISBN: n/a
Format: PDF (Portable Document Format)/Acrobat Reader
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This report shares the findings and lessons learned from an investigation into the economics of disaggregated models for assessing and accrediting informal learners, with particular attention to the OER University (OERu) consortium. It also relies on data from a small-scale survey conducted by two of the authors on perceptions, practices and policies relating to openness in assessment and accreditation in post-secondary institutions (Murphy & Witthaus, 2012). These investigations include the perceptions of stakeholders in post-secondary education towards the OERu concept, combined with a look at economic models for universities to consider in implementing OER assessment and accreditation policies.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

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