Over the next three years, Samoan learners will gain access to high-quality skill development courses offered by COL in partnership with the world’s leading e-learning providers. “Skills for Work” will create learning opportunities for 900 individuals, including women and girls, persons with... read more

DATE:  17 March 2021 TIME: | 9 am Papua New Guinea | 10 am Vanuatu; Solomon Islands| 11 am Fiji; Nauru; Tuvalu | 12 Noon Tonga| 1 pm Kiribati; Samoa LIVESTREAM LINK: https://youtu.be/A9JUop2THUs   15 March 2021, Burnaby, Canada - Over 1,000 learners from the... read more

In the face of education disruptions and loss of livelihoods due to COVID-19, over 35,000 learners from the Caribbean have joined the COL-Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative since May 2020, learning job-relevant skills and boosting their employability. On 22 September, COL and Coursera... read more

22 September 2020 3 pm AST/ 12 pm PDT THE EVENT WILL BE STREAMED LIVE 17 September 2020, Burnaby, Canada - Recognising the unique opportunity to boost their employability in the face of economic disruptions caused by COVID-19, thousands of learners from the Caribbean joined the COL-... read more

Photo courtesy of Dr Shaheryar Naveed With COL’s support, the Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) was able to pursue its quality mandate in the face of COVID-19. Earlier this year, the university joined the COL-led International Partnership of Distance and Online Learning for COVID-19 and... read more

19 August 2020, Burnaby, Canada - Over 2,300 learners from 17 African nations who had successfully completed online courses under the COL-Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative were recognised at a virtual convocation on 18 August 2020. Along with the graduates, the event brought together... read more

MEDIA ADVISORY 18 August 2020 9:00 am PDT / 6:00 pm CAT THE EVENT WILL BE STREAMED LIVE   14 August 2020, Burnaby, Canada - A virtual convocation will bring together learners from 17 African nations to celebrate the successful completion of online courses offering new pathways to... read more

With world economies jolted down by COVID-19, there is a critical need to identify and develop relevant workforce skills. In India, it is reported that around 140 million laborers have lost their jobs and livelihoods due to COVID-19. The social distancing norms associated with the lockdown... read more

8 May 2020, Burnaby, Canada –The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) has entered into a partnership with Coursera to facilitate free access to 3,800 courses designed to skill and reskill citizens of Commonwealth Member States for livelihoods. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting... read more

The eldest of five siblings, Bravin Mugangasia had to leave rural Kenya for Nairobi in search of a better life. His big break came when he was introduced to COL’s Skills Online programme – a collaboration between COL, its partners in four countries, including Kenya, and Udemy Inc., an online... read more