by Sanjaya Mishra  Education Specialist, eLearning   As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, there is a growing realisation about the importance of distance education to improve access and equity, and to support teaching and learning at all levels.  At the same time, we... read more

COL supported Saint Lucia’s Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development to organise a training on course development using open educational resources (OER). Facilitated by Mr Royston Emmanuel from Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, the training was delivered... read more

A new massive open online course (MOOC) on “Learning to Learn Online” offered jointly by COL and  Athabasca University, Canada, starts on 21 March 2021. This five-week course will explore the fundamentals of the learning process and various models of online courses. The goal is to help... read more

A free online training programme on “Problem Solving, Data Structures and Algorithms through Python” will be available to engineering students in the Commonwealth countries starting 5 April 2021.  It is delivered by COL, in collaboration with Amphisoft Technologies, with a view to assisting... read more

The new edition of the popular MOOC on Introduction to Technology-Enabled Learning  (TEL) starts on 7 March 2021. The five-week course is offered by COL in partnership with Athabasca University (AU), Canada and is designed for teachers in diverse contexts – from secondary to... read more

COL has developed a new MOOC for anyone interested in developing insights into the effective use of social media for marketing and communication purposes.  Enrolment in Introduction to Social Media Marketing, which will start on 8 March 2021, is now open. Using up-to-date learning design and... read more

COL’s Commonwealth’s Digital Education Leadership in Action (C-DELTA) programme has received accreditation from the South African Council of Educators (SACE) following a request submitted by SchoolNet South Africa. The accreditation is equivalent to 35 continuous personal and professional teacher... read more

COL’s online course ‘Understanding Open Educational Resources' (OER)  won a prestigious Brandon Hall Group Silver Award for excellence in the Learning Management Measurement/Business Impact Tools category. The win was announced on 10 December 2020. Initially developed in 2015 as an open... read more

The eighth offering of the popular MOOC on Introduction to Technology-Enabled Learning  (TEL) starts on 10 January 2021. The five-week course, offered by COL in partnership with Athabasca University, Canada, is designed for teachers in diverse contexts – from secondary to post-secondary and... read more

Image Courtesy of OEB. COL President and CEO Professor Asha Kanwar delivered a keynote talk at Online Educa Berlin, the global, cross-sector event on technology supported learning and training. The 26th edition, which runs through 4 December 2020, is expected to engage a wide international... read more