Introduction to Technology-Enabled Learning (TEL) is a massive open online course (MOOC) designed for teachers in secondary education, post-secondary education and vocational education. Using up-to-date learning design and simple, accessible technology, the course runs on an easy-to-use learning... read more

In the absence of comparative data about open universities, the current impact of open and distance learning institutions is not clear. The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) initiated a survey of open universities in the Commonwealth in order to address this gap. Open Universities in the Commonwealth... read more

2017 is being celebrated as the Year of Open. Fifteen years ago the term Open Educational Resources (OER) was coined, and the Budapest Open Access Initiative was launched. Five years later, the Cape Town Open Education Declaration came out. And in 2012, the first World OER Congress resulted in the... read more

The unprecedented impact of information and communication technology and a coinciding demographic shift in many countries has created a need for skills development around the world. It is estimated that 65 per cent of children currently in primary school will end up in new job types that... read more

Open Educational Resources (OER) are fast becoming a major part of the Education landscape especially with the new thrust towards “open”. Conceptually, OER are a sensible and cost-effective way of incorporating quality material, including multimedia, into a particular teaching and learning scenario... read more

Greetings to you on the occasion of the International Open Education Week 2016. It is that time of year for us to collectively reflect on our various efforts to promote Open Education in a very uneven world.  At the Commonwealth of Learning, we believe that learning is our common wealth and... read more

One of the major reasons that institutions and accreditation agencies are reluctant to accept Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as equivalent to more formal university courses, is the notion of course and credit for credentials. We are often asked about how to provide credits for courses taken... read more

It is an honour to be here in at Delta University and I thank Prof Yehia al Mashad and the organisers for the invitation. I have prepared this presentation with our Vice President, Dr K Balasubramanian. Let me begin with a brief introduction to my organisation the Commonwealth of Learning or COL... read more

It is a privilege to be here in at Peking University and I thank the organisers for the invitation. I have prepared this presentation with my colleague Dr Sanjaya Mishra. As you know, my organisation the Commonwealth of Learning or COL is an intergovernmental organisation established by... read more

Presented at the Centre for Research in Distance Education, Beijing Normal University, China.