Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA)

“Armed with training inputs from CEMCA, MDTV developed a series of 70 learning programmes on various health issues that were identified collectively by the team that
included safe drinking water; healthy and balanced diets, special diets for pregnant women, cleanliness and general hygiene, common infections and diseases, tuberculosis among others.”

Chetna Sinha and Shivaji Yadav, EduComm Asia, April (2013)


The Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) was established in 1994 to promote the meaningful, relevant and appropriate use of media to serve the education and training needs of Commonwealth member states of Asia. Over the years, in step with rapidly changing advances in educational technology, CEMCA widened its scope to embrace emerging educational technologies, while broadening the scope of education itself to cover formal, non-formal and lifelong education at all levels.

CEMCA fully aligns itself with the COL programmes, while retaining its regional focus and devises appropriate learning solutions while maintaining a balance between the aspirations of its diverse stakeholders and the available resources. Promoting appropriate and low-cost technology options underpin all of CEMCA’s interventions.

CEMCA’s priorities:

  • Development and promotion of open educational resources (OER)
  • Promoting Technical Vocational Skill Development leading to sustainable livelihoods
  • Suitable use of media to reach the unreached for giving access to quality education and/or skill training
  • Repurposing available OERs with additional media inputs and distributing the same across commonwealth Asia.
  • Creating awareness and building capacity of Educational Institutions to create and use MOOCs.
  • Education and training for women and girls

CEMCA publishes a quarterly newsletter and produces knowledge resources on various applications of ICT in education. It provides fellowships, attachment and internship opportunities to young and middle-level professionals to work and gain experience at CEMCA. It also recognises best practices and plays an advocacy role in the promotion of community radio and open educational resources.

CEMCA serves as a regional networking and collaborating centre for open and distance learning and technology-enabled learning services.

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