The Open Resources for English Language Teaching (ORELT) project is intended to support the classroom activities of teachers in junior secondary schools (JSS).The aims of ORELT are to:

  • provide a bank of ‘open content’ multi-media resources in online, offline and traditional text formats that will support school-based education and training for JSS teachers.
  • provide ‘open content’ support resources for teacher educators who train teachers for JSS.
  • provide a Forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences and sharing of ELT resources among teachers and teacher educators across the Commonwealth.

Activity-based learning modules relevant to the core language needs (listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar) of teachers in JSS were developed by experts drawn from several African and Asian countries, who had either taught at the JSS level or were trainers of JSS teachers. The six modules are:

  • Module 1: Better Listening
  • Module 2: Speaking for Better Communication
  • Module 3: Success in Reading
  • Module 4: Effective Writing
  • Module 5: Language through Literature
  • Module 6: Communicative Grammar

Each module has five units containing a range of case studies, activities and resources which teachers can easily adapt and use in their classrooms.

Appropriate audio, video and graphic materials aimed at making the content more comprehensible have been built into the modules.

COL will:

  • collaborate with teachers/teacher educators in schools/institutions to build an ORELT Consortium in order to maximise take-up and utilisation by schools and teacher education institutions.
  • provide support to schools and teacher education institutions to adapt and use ORELT.
  • support and encourage teacher educators and teacher training institutions to integrate ORELT into a wide range of other support resources (online, text, radio) for use by teacher educators as school-based ELT teacher resources.
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