Commonwealth Digital Education Leadership Training in Action (C-DELTA)

The Commonwealth Digital Education Leadership Training in Action (C-DELTA) is a long-term programme of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) to promote a digital education environment in Commonwealth nations. It will engage with governments, educational institutions, teachers, and civil society organizations to assess digital education competencies, develop learning materials around the digital education skills, provide training opportunities for teachers, and monitor student achievement and their relationships to livelihood. The C-DELTA programme will provide a framework for fostering digital learning, and develop skilled citizens for lifelong learning. It will develop leaders who can demonstrate how to use ICTs effectively and influence others around them to use digital technology appropriately and effectively for learning (and earning) and support sustainable development.

Adoption of C-DELTA in a country will assist in understanding the level of digital education leadership skills in its educational institutions, and provide a national benchmark for planning and budgeting to help those institutions that may be left behind the national average. COL will help governments by providing the necessary support to adopt the courses for skill development. COL will also assist educational institutions to provide local training of teachers for digital education leadership.

Individuals will benefit from understanding their own level of digital education leadership skills, and can provide the online badge as a credential in their resume, and improve their employability in the job market. Individual learners can develop their skills using online resources and be certified online.

Data gathered through the C-DELTA programme will help measure the digital education leadership skills in Commonwealth countries, and will serve as a tool for programme planning and management at COL. As a byproduct, COL will also be able to release an index of digital education leadership competency in the Commonwealth on a regular basis.

Find Curriculum for Digital Education Leadership: A Concept Paper in COL's online repository.