Two groups of staff from two humanitarian organisations came together from across four+ time zones during February 2021 along with a diversity of organising team members, speakers and resource people to pilot ‘Leadership for Unpredictable Futures’, a three-part, inter-agency programme designed to... read more

In response to the successful deliveries of Oral Communication courses and staff interest in other offerings from eLIO’s Essential Skills for International Organisations Programme (ESIOP), Council of Europe will be piloting a pair of courses titled Core and Advanced Team Management Skills in April... read more

eLIO has developed a suite of short courses under the title, Essential Skills for International Organisations Programme (ESIOP). They are designed as pairs of core and advanced courses, around topics of business communication and leadership skills. Following the 2018 pilot of Core and Advanced... read more

Advanced Programme Management (PM2) was designed and developed by UNHCR. UNHCR contracted eLIO to provide one-on-one e-coaching support to programme officers for the eLearning self-study portion of the programme by helping them to understand good management principles and apply them in the... read more

The Commonwealth Secretariat’s Debt Recording and Management System (CS-DRMS) is the first eLearning course developed by the Debt Management Section of the Commonwealth Secretariat to enhance debt recording and reporting capacities of debt managers in Ministries of Finance and Central Banks.... read more

UNHCR developed the Operational Data Management Learning Programme in 2006 and invited COL eLIO to pilot it by providing one on one e-coaching support.  After a successful pilot, the course was rolled out to about 70 learners per cohort since 2008.  The self-study modules equip learners... read more

eLIO digitized the “Commonwealth Values” module in the Diploma for Youth Development and piloted it to 110 learners from the four regions of the Commonwealth in 2010. Learning support was provided through an open source social media platform called Mahara where learners set up and shared... read more

The Writing Effectively series was first developed in 2000 for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and since then has been customized in English and French to numerous international agencies such as UNICEF, WHO, ILO, World Bank and the Council of Europe.  The courses focus on the... read more