This report covers VUSSC activities from September 2006 to July 2011. The last Monitoring & Evaluation report was prepared in June 2008 (VUSSC Interim Evaluation Report) and updated in September 2008. This report builds on these two previous reports, adding new information where relevant.

This report provides an updated summary of VUSSC activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts, organized by country. It also includes some updated background information on context for each country: population size, languages, and Internet usage (penetration rate). As well, illustrative quotes from feedback surveys and interviews are presented, indicating the range of outcomes achieved.

The purposes of monitoring and evaluation of the VUSSC are:

  • To improve each successive activity (formative input);
  • To track activities, outputs and outcomes;
  • To report to existing funders;
  • To encourage new or repeat funders;
  • To report to Ministers;
  • To report to the Education Specialist (ES) and the COL Board; and
  • To describe results and lessons learned. 
Author(s): Dunlop, Catherine C.
Publication Date: