This introduction to open and distance learning was based on introductory materials in COL's "training toolkits." The development of the toolkits, in various topics related to open and distance learning, involved the time and dedication of a number of organisations and individuals. Much of the material was developed by the International Extension College (UK). The impetus and financial support that enabled COL to embark on this undertaking came from the Asian Development Bank. Under the terms and conditions of the ADB Regional Technical Assistance Project for Capacity Building in Distance Education for Primary Teacher Training, COL was commissioned to prepare materials for use in three training workshops in the Asian region. COL decided to concurrently develop an additional three toolkits. The toolkits were published in early 2000 and are now available in the following topic areas: - overview of open and distance learning - designing open and distance learning materials - planning and management of open and distance learning - use and integration of media in open and distance learning - quality assurance in open and distance learning - learner support in open and distance - learning copyright and distance education An Introduction to Open and Distance Learning

Author(s): Commonwealth of Learning
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