This report traces the progress and issues of the Lifelong Learning for Farmers (L3F) activities in a group of villages in Tamil Nadu, India. The study makes an attempt to address two questions:

  1. Has L3F made a difference in strengthening the livelihood of the marginalised women participating in the activity?

  2. Has L3F influenced the process of empowerment among the participating women?

The first chapter deals with the framework of L3F, concepts and methodologies. The second chapter identifies the status of the initiative during 2008. The interim developments during 2009‐2010 are described in the third chapter. The outcomes of the L3F have been elaborated in chapter IV. The final chapter synthesises the experiences and discusses about the process of self‐replication.

Author(s): | Thamizoli, P. | Francis, Dr. Henry | Balasubramanian, K. | Soundari, Hilaria | Kamaraj, K. |
Publication Date: