Thanks to the generous support of the governments of Canada and Australia, COL will support secondary schooling, training and skills development for girls and women using open and distance learning under two separate projects: 1) Preventing Child, Early and Forced Marriage, supported by Global... read more
Use this checklist when designing and implementing projects using ICTs to ensure that your project is accessible to both women and men. By putting strategies in place to address the following barriers you will increase your chances of fully benefiting from the talents and resources of both women... read more
Introduction - Sensitivity to someone’s gender is crucial, not only in life but also in learning. In developing countries where the opportunities for face-to-face education are often limited, open and distance learning (ODL) can provide basic education, skills training and lifelong learning.... read more
A tool to assist you with gender mainstreaming in your work.
At the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), we are committed to supporting an environment in which our staff, our consultants and the staff of our partner institutions and organisations can freely engage in dialogue about gender-related issues. This quiz was developed as a tool for identifying gender... read more
Learning is not only the key to individual freedom, it also brings empowerment. Once people are empowered, they can make both choices and decisions, which increases their ability to act and to influence their lives and environ¬ment. Learning for sustainable development, as defined by the... read more
This brief presentation provides an introduction to gender impact assessment. It provides details about its origin; its definition; its purpose; when it should be carried out; the process it entails; its benefits and limitations. Gender Impact Assessment
Empowerment of Women and Profit: The Role of Coevolution Partnership Balasubramanian, k; Carr, Alexis Session VI: Intergenerational and Cross-Collaborative Partnerships of the 11th Women’s Affairs Ministers Meeting (11th WAMM), The Commonwealth in Apia, Samoa, 6-8 September 2016. Presented by Dr. K... read more