GIRLS Inspire is a Commonwealth of Learning (COL) project established to mobilise the power of open and distance learning (ODL) to provide secondary schooling and skills development training to women and girls who are prevented from attending schools by barriers such as early marriage, cultural... read more
This report explores the results of the Baseline-Endline study conducted throughout the project to capture its long-term impacts, and was conceptualised through the Performance Measurement Framework (PMF). Surveys were created to measure changes in attitudes and behaviours from before and after... read more
This is the final report to Global Affairs Canada (GAC) on the three-year GIRLS Inspire–CEFM project, which concluded on 31 March 2019. It provides an evidence-based narrative of progress made towards the achievement of each of the expected outcomes and outputs identified in the Logic Model and... read more
COL TVSD has been involved in the creation of course materials with many of our partners over the years. Our more recent and popular materials are available through the links below. Most are freely available as open educational resources (OER) for download and adaption, but some may carry... read more
By expanding access to learning, VUSSC enables small states to become active contributors to global development and leaders in educational reform through the innovative use of information and communication technologies (ICT).
Brochure: COL's Journal of Learning for Development (JL4D), an open access online scholarly journal providing a forum for practitioners and academics working in education and development to share knowledge and experience.
This presentation discusses Open Educational Resources (OER) use and open educational practices within the Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC).  
This guide is an introduction to the “Employability model” developed by COL Higher Education initiative to support universities in assessing readiness, planning, implementing and evaluating employability initiatives. The implementation phase includes developing competency based programmes... read more
The guidelines are intended for institutions to conduct quality reviews of their Open and Distance Learning (ODL) courses. Member of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL)’s Regional Community of Practice for Quality Assurance in ODL in Southern Africa developed the guidelines and piloted them in 2018...
This publication contributes to the debate surrounding Quality Assurance in higher education, highlighting good practices in the context of distance and blended learning in Southern African universities. The case studies address the strategies applied to foster quality enhancement, QA principles,... read more