Developed by Bob Moon, this Blueprint and Toolkit provides the guidance and supporting resources for a programme of around 12–15 weeks’ duration and includes a detailed framework that can be adapted to the context of a particular country, region, district or school. It targets institutions wishing... read more
The Commonwealth of Learning has developed this toolkit to help teachers and teacher educators learn more about gender mainstreaming, specifically: - why gender equality is important to students, teachers, communities and governments, and - how teachers, education institutions and other... read more
This handbook has been written for anyone who plans and writes learning materials for use in open and distance learning (ODL). Anyone who is interested in producing better ODL materials will find something of value in this handbook, but the three main target audiences are: teachers, ... read more
This Toolkit contains, first, a package of Quality Indicators listed within a set of quality aspects and categories and, second, a collection of case studies drawn out of best practices from across the Commonwealth linked to one or more of the indicators. The Toolkit can be of use for both internal... read more
The child-friendly schools project seeks to develop the capacity of teacher educators, Teacher Resource Centre (TRC) managers, and other education personnel on CFS. This involves the implementation of several activities, one of which is the adaptation/development of training materials for capacity... read more
Video presentation delivered at the Common Frameworks on ICT in ED Teacher Training: Digitally Competent Teachers on 14 January 2016, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France by Dr. Jessica Norah Aguti, Education Specialist - Teacher Education, Commonwealth of Learning. 
Perspectives on Open and Distance Learning Series: The contributors to the 13 chapters in this book are nationally and internationally renowned scholars in teacher education, ODL or both. Collectively, the perspectives and insights they provide – varying in a range of contexts and... read more
Digital Learning: Reforming Teacher Education to Promote Access, Equity and Quality in Sub-Saharan Africa Moon, Bob; Villet, Charmaine The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the present and future impact of digital learning on teacher education in Sub-Saharan Africa. The focus of... read more
Brochure: The CCTI is designed to improve the ability of teachers to use information and communication technologies (ICT) in the classroom, and increase the involvement of school managers in implementing ICT in schools. CCTI challenges school managers and teachers to reflect on what they do in... read more
Official website for the Open Resources for English Language Teaching (ORELT) project.