eLIO leads Part 2 of inter-agency Leadership Programme pilot

Two groups of staff from two humanitarian organisations came together from across four+ time zones during February 2021 along with a diversity of organising team members, speakers and resource people to pilot ‘Leadership for Unpredictable Futures’, a three-part, inter-agency programme designed to spark innovative thinking and to re-imagine the future of humanitarian work. With its positive track record of solid service provision to UNHCR, COL’s eLIO was asked to lead Part 2 of the programme featuring a Capstone Project and an introduction to futures thinking and the Foresight method.

During Part 2, UNHCR and Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) staff in positions of leadership were given opportunities to engage in participant-led sessions and submit individual projects. With support and guidance from eLIO’s e-coaches, each developed a “future scenario.” "Engaging in the capstone project development process naturally serves as a launching pad for further action planning," says Shari Virjee-Tanada, COL's Learning Coordinator. Participation also unlocks access to executive coaching to enhance the transformational learning experience.

The Part 2 pilot offering officially concludes this May 2021, with completion rates exceeding the expectations of both organisations.

Photo credit: Copyright denisismagilov - stock.adobe.com