Ms Diomelda Thomas participates in L3F from Missenyi District in Tanzania. She is a member of Matumaini Mapya Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (MMSACCO). Having gone through MMSACCO’s financial... more

L3F has put capacity-building of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) at the centre of its strategic support to the agricultural sector in Jamaica. More than 30 officers have been... more

Through the L3F framework, Mann Deshi Foundation is building the capacity of women from five blocks in Satara district of India, towards sustainable farming, financial literacy and agri-... more

One of the key objectives of the Lifelong Learning for Farmers (L3F) programme is to empower marginalised communities, particularly women. Using a three-dimensional index, a study in Uganda... more

Siyaya Seed Savings and Credit Cooperative (Siyaya Seed SACCO) in Siyaya county in Kenya was established by Ugunja Community Resource Centre (UCRC) during 2004, fostering economic liberty and... more

"COL is a partner, and a true partner that motivated us to believe that people are our biggest wealth and strongest values. COL has reinforced us  to empower rural and marginalized women by... more

Makerere University and The Agricultural Innovation System Brokerage Association (AGINSBA) conducted a survey with the support of COL to study the influence of L3F on empowerment. The comparative... more

Community radio personalities in India
Ms. Anita Kumbhar hails from a severely drought-prone area of Western India, Mhaswad. For the last 15 years, her family has struggled with infertile land coupled with inadequate rain. Their survival... more

L3F mentor
L3F pioneer Ms. Lakshmi Lokhande is a local celebrity in Mhaswad, in southwest India. She is a mentor working with two L3F partners, the Mann Deshi Foundation and the Mann Deshi Women’s Co-operative... more