COL’s Open/Innovative Schooling (OIS) model increases access to secondary education, especially for out-of-school youth.  With a view to analysing local needs, monitoring progress of existing... more

The National Institute for Distance Education (INED), within the Ministry of Education and Human Development in Mozambique, has been working with COL for some time on developing a more technology-... more

Peer-to-peer (P2P) quality review between regional open schools is an important part of COL’s open schooling mandate. COL initiated P2P activities for the development of common criteria for review of... more

Having completed the development of curriculum-based OER using OER in Phase 1 of the Open/Innovative Schooling model, Zambia will soon begin to pilot the use of the resources to support 3,000 out-of-... more

Recognising the importance of partnerships in meeting the need for a dramatic expansion in access to all levels of schooling, COL actively engages with ministries and other stakeholder to build... more

COL Senior Adviser: Open Schooling, Dr Johannes Hendrikz, visited the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in Belize to discuss the progress of the first phase of the Open/Innovative School Model... more

COL supports countries with the development of ODL, open schooling, OER, and gender and open schooling policy development. Support is also available for open school implementation and management... more

Canada-Carribbean collaboration
Fraser Valley Distance Education School (FVDES), in Chilliwack, BC and  Gwen Lizarraga High School (GLHS) in Belize City have been “twinned” to provide opportunities for staff in both countries... more

Open Schooling Quality Assurance workshop
While most Open Schools have introduced Quality Assurance practices based on the COL QA toolkit, the absence of a QA policy can constrain efforts to reach a common understanding of quality concepts... more

Open schooling in Papau New Guinea
Papua New Guinea’s Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) unit in the Department of Education approached COL for assistance in setting a strategy for the use of technology in distance learning.... more