An African proverb cautions: If you want to travel fast travel alone, but if you want to travel far, travel together. This proverb encapsulates the wisdom that we can achieve so much more when we... more

Faaida James is a Senior Special Education Instructor in the Student Support Services Division in the Ministry of Education in Trinidad and Tobago. Her work involves surveying and identifying at... more

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As a manager at Ghana’s National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Hassan Hamadu monitors and evaluates ICT projects across his region. He is also involved in building the capacity of the NHIA staff... more

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On 30 June 2020, COL and Luanshya Technical Business College (LTBC) in Zambia signed an agreement to collaborate on the next phase of their Skills in Demand project. LTBC’s core team and three... more

Effective implementation of Inclusive Education ensures that school leaders and teachers can respond to the needs of all learners, with a focus on persons with disabilities as well as other learners... more

Mr Adeleye Kayode is an Education Officer at the National Teachers’ Institute (NTI, Kaduna) in Nigeria. His regular job includes stakeholder education and sensitization on the programmes offered by... more

Mrs. Nazmeen Raju is a teacher educator at Sabeto College in Fiji where she is the acting Head of Social Science Department. She also teaches Year 12 English, Year 12 Geography and Year 10 Social... more

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