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Award of Excellence in a Distance or Online Learning Experience

COL presented up to two awards recognising excellence in a distance or online learning experience by a learner, for example, in a distance/ online course/ programme under challenging circumstances.

In recognition of the winning submission(s), the learner(s) were provided with:

  • a return air-ticket (most economical fare) to attend PCF; and
  • the Forum registration fee, accommodation and meals.

The last Award of Excellence in a Distance or Online Learning Experience was presented during the Ninth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PCF9) on 11 September 2019, which took place in Edinburgh, Scotland.

For general information on all awards, see


Recipients of the Award of Excellence in a Distance Learning Experience

2017-2019 Awards, presented at PCF9

  • Ms Sakshi Kumari
  • Mr Jima Ngei

2014-2016 Awards, presented at PCF8

  • Mr. Clement Ndahani, Tanzania (Degree Granting Programme)
  • Mr. Elvis Amenya, Kenya (Difficult Circumstances)

2011-2013 Awards, presented at PCF7

  • Ms. Dania Al Yamani, Syria (Difficult Circumstances)

2009-2010 Awards, presented at PCF6

  • Prof. Chan Lai Keng, Malaysia (Degree Granting Programme)
  • Mr. Osman Ali Gema Eshag, Sudan (Difficult Circumstances)

2007-2008 Awards, presented at PCF5

  • Mr. Kelly H. Yapa, Papua New Guinea (Degree Granting Programme)
  • Mr. David Benthu Nthengwe, Democratic Republic of Congo (Difficult Circumstances)

2005-2006 Awards, presented at PCF4

  • Ms. Neelam Narayan,The University of the South Pacific, Fiji (Degree Granting Programme)
  • Ms. Najwa Qaisy, Iraq (Difficult Circumstances)

2003-2004 Awards, presented at PCF3

  • Ms. Swati Wankhede, India

2001-2002 Awards, presented at PCF2

  • Ms. Frances J. Mensah, Namibia

1998-1999 Awards, presented at PCF1

  • Ms. Irene Paulsen, Solomon Islands

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