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Contracting Consultants

COL supplements its staff resources and internal expertise by contracting consultants to undertake some of its programme work in the implementation and delivery of its strategic plan. The expertise of consultants may be required at various stages for such services as:

  • Needs analysis and feasibility study services
  • Workshop facilitation, training and instructional design
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Other short and medium-term professional and technical assistance.

A consultant or team of consultants may be commissioned.

A consultant who is assigned a contract for service must be qualified to carry out all terms of reference assigned and be accountable for completing the job satisfactorily. To achieve this aim, COL may select individual consultants, firms or consultancy teams to undertake an assignment using the selection framework outlined below. Individual consultants should hold citizenship from a Commonwealth country. When COL is not able to locate a suitable consultant from within the Commonwealth, it will use a consultant with citizenship from outside member countries.

Selection Framework

COL uses the total contract value to determine the process to be used in the selection of consultants. For assignments with a total contract value between $15,001 and $49,999, COL will typically seek competitive quotes from two to three qualified consultants using a prepared statement of work. A competitive process is not mandatory for contracts with a total value less than $15,000 but is encouraged.

For contracts and assignments with a total contract value between $50,000 and $99,999, a shortened selection process will be followed involving short-listing a minimum of three qualified Consultants and seeking detailed proposals from those short-listed. Expressions of Interest may be requested if useful.

For contracts and assignments with a total contract value of greater than $100,000, the successful consultant will be identified through a competitive selection process consisting of a short-listing from Expressions of Interest (EOI) received and the assessment of full proposals including costs. EOI’s are initial requests for information from consultants from which a short-list for seeking full proposals is selected and will enable a wider pool of consultants to be screened without requiring the submission (or assessment) of a large number of detailed proposals. From the assessment of the EOI, a short-list will be selected from whom full proposals will be sought. Information required will vary depending on the assignment.

Requests for Expressions of Interest and from time to time, other consulting opportunities will be advertised on this page.

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