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Mozambique is a southeastern African country with a population of almost 33 million (World Bank, 2022).

COL’s current work in Mozambique is primarily in the areas of higher education, open schooling and GIRLS Inspire – gender equality and women’s empowerment through skills development for livelihoods and benefits from programmes offered by COL’s regional centre, the Southern African Development Community Centre for Distance Education (SADC-CDE). Learners from Mozambique are also participating in COL’s free, open online courses and benefitting from other available resources.


  • A strategy for the digitisation of learning resources, focusing on climate-responsive sustainable livelihoods and food security, has been developed.
  • 671 women and girls trained in Mozambique


Partnerships are fundamental to COL’s work. Strategic partnerships allow COL to broaden its reach and engage at global, regional and national levels, while implementation partners support COL’s work in communities and institutions across Commonwealth Member States. Partners include multilateral organisations, regional bodies, national governments, government agencies, foundations, civil society organisations, public and private (not-for-profit) institutions and the private sector. COL partnerships assist in improving and extending teaching and learning services to people in the developing Commonwealth.

COL’s partners in Mozambique include:

  • Ministry of Education and Human Development
  • Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo Associação Progresso (ADPP)
  • Eduardo Mondlane University (EMU)
  • National Directorate for Professional Technical Education
  • National Institute of Distance Education (INED)
  • Universidade Eduardo Mondlane

Key Contacts

Focal Point

Mr Tinga Fernando Abrão
Senior Technician and Head of Training Department
National Institute of Distance Education (INED)


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