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Nauru is a small state of the Commonwealth and the world’s smallest independent republic. It has a population of almost 13,000 (World Bank, 2022) and covers just 21 square kilometres.

COL’s current work in Nauru is in skills for work and tertiary education through the Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC) network. Learners from Nauru are also participating in COL’s free, open online courses and benefitting from other available resources.



Partnerships are fundamental to COL’s work. Strategic partnerships allow COL to broaden its reach and engage at global, regional and national levels, while implementation partners support COL’s work in communities and institutions across Commonwealth Member States. Partners include multilateral organisations, regional bodies, national governments, government agencies, foundations, civil society organisations, public and private (not-for-profit) institutions and the private sector. COL partnerships assist in improving and extending teaching and learning services to people in the developing Commonwealth.

COL’s partners in Nauru include:

  • Department of Education
  • USP Nauru Campus

Key Contacts

Focal Point

Mrs Darrina Kun
Secretary for Education & Training
Department of Education

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