Dr Sanjaya Mishra

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Education Specialist: Technology-Enabled Learning

Dr Sanjaya Mishra is one of the leading scholars in open, distance, and online learning with extensive experience in teaching, staff development, research, policy development, innovation, and organisational development. With a multi-disciplinary background in education, information science, communication media, and learning and development, Dr Mishra has been promoting the use of educational multimedia, eLearning, open educational resources (OER), and open access to scientific information to increase access to quality education and lifelong learning for all. He has designed and developed award-winning online courses and platforms, such as the Understanding Open Educational Resources, Commonwealth Digital Education Leadership Training in Action, and COLCommons.

Recipient of the ISTD-Vivekanand National Award for Excellence in Human Resource Development and Training in 2007, Dr Mishra has conducted in-person and online training in over 30 countries. The Satija Research Foundation for Library and Information Science conferred Dr Mishra with the Indian Library Leaders Award 2012. Dr Mishra received the Prof G Ram Reddy Social Scientist Award 2013 from Prof G Ram Reddy Memorial Trust for his contribution to distance education and OER.

He has written and edited over 300 publications in the form of books, chapters, peer-reviewed journal papers, conference presentations, book reviews, and distance learning materials. While at UNESCO, as Programme Specialist (ICT in Education, Science and Culture), he facilitated the adoption of a strategy and policy for open access to scientific information and research. Dr Mishra serves on the Editorial Board of several peer-reviewed journals in the field of distance and online learning. He served as a Board member of Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (2021-2022).