Advanced course on cybersecurity for teachers starts 8 February 2021

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COL’s Advanced Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (ACTT) online course is now open for registration. The main objective of the course, which starts 8 February 2021, is to empower teachers with advanced cybersecurity techniques that can be deployed within a learning institution to minimise cyber risks for learners, teachers and other users.

The shift to online learning has provided a means to continued education despite the COVID-19 pandemic. It has also presented various challenges for educators- including threats to learner and teacher safety while working with digital tools. Home-based access to online learning and assessment also presents cybersecurity risks for family members.

This course has been designed to guide educators on ways to ensure safe and effective learning spaces while conducting blended and/or online learning. To register, participants need to have completed the introductory Cybersecurity Training for Teachers course or have other relevant background.

Over a period of four weeks, participants will learn about various attack vectors that can be exploited by cybercriminals in websites, mobile devices, and other platforms commonly used for digital learning. They will also explore how to secure communication channels in online learning.

COL’s Education Specialist: Teacher Education, Dr Betty Ogange said, “This course offers teachers a practical introduction to the core ideas in cybersecurity, the different risks and attacks that individuals and devices in a learning institution might be vulnerable to, and ways to prevent them.”

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