Belize launches online Master’s Programme in Educational Leadership

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With support from COL, the University of Belize has customised the Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC) Master’s Programme in Educational Leadership to meet the needs of Belizean learners and strengthen lecturers’ skills in online course development and delivery. 38 educators from across the country, who are now enrolled in the programme that began in February 2019, also participated in an orientation session the previous month to discuss plans for the new semester and become familiar with the first two core courses.

“COL, through the VUSSC network, will continue to work with the university to build its capacity in designing, developing and delivering distance programmes thereby expanding access to higher education for Belize,” said Dr Mairette Newman Education Specialist: VUSSC at COL.

VUSSC course materials, available here, are free for reuse and adaptation to the specific context of each country. Educational institutions offering VUSSC courses also receive help from COL to implement quality ODL learning systems and practices.

By expanding access to learning, VUSSC enables small states in the Commonwealth to become active contributors to global development and leaders in educational reform through the innovative use of information and communication technologies.

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