CANTA reviews its guidelines and criteria for awarding of CVQ

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The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is supporting CANTA (Caribbean Association of National Training Agencies) in reviewing and implementing the guidelines and criteria to award the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ). CANTA and other technical vocational education and training (TVET) apex bodies are responsible for coordinating the TVET system in Caribbean Community states.

COL also supported CANTA in reviewing the Guidelines and Criteria for the  CVQ at a workshop in Grenada in October 2022 for use by the 15 Caribbean Community member states and earlier to approve the guidelines and criteria for CVQ at a workshop in Barbados. During the workshop, the Honourable Ms Kay McConney, Barbados’ Minister of Education, Technological and Vocational Training, said that the revised guidelines and criteria for CVQ will address the area of lifelong learning and facilitate opportunities for people to access education and training at different stages, using various paths, in response to the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

In a statement, Mr Henderson Eastmond, Chair of CANTA, said, “CANTA thanks COL for supporting the work of the QAC.” The QAC and training providers, assessors, external verifiers, and trainees were also thanked for their contributions to the document review.

As TVET systems struggle to adapt to and address challenges occasioned by global disruptions and technological trends, Mr Robert Okinda, COL’s Adviser: Skills, noted that “COL will support the development of two occupational standards, curricula and content for blended delivery of skills training in the blue, green and orange economies based on the reviewed CVQ guidelines and criteria.”

COL promotes the use of open and distance learning (ODL) to increase access to quality and affordable skills training. One area of focus is building the resilience of TVET systems through support to ministries and regional or state TVET agencies for the development of policy, strategy, and standards.

Image caption: CANTA’s Executive Committee at a meeting in Barbados to approve the Guidelines and Criteria for CVQ

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