CEMCA helps Virtual University of Pakistan build OER capacity

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Photo courtesy of Virtual University of Pakistan

CEMCA organised an online capacity-building training for the faculty of Virtual University of Pakistan (VU) in October 2020. Titled “Adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER),” the three-day workshop focussed on advantages of OER, copyright and open licensing, as well as ways to evaluate and adapt OER. The workshop included practice sessions on key topics.

Addressing the 55 workshop participants, Professor Naeem Tariq, VU Rector and CEO, spoke about the use of Open Courseware in Pakistan and the need for OER.

Professor Madhu Parhar, Director, CEMCA described the efforts to promote the use of OER across the Commonwealth Asian countries. She commended VU for enrolling one million learners in the DigiSkills training program that equips them with the skills for today’s knowledge economy. “OER plays an important role in this ambitious undertaking, helping to equip learners with employability skills,” she said.

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