COL announces new free AgMOOC courses

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The Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) are offering three new online courses designed for farmers and agricultural practitioners:

These agMOOCs range in length from six to eight weeks and are open to everyone free of charge. Learners will be given certificates based on their involvement and performance.

Professor Wale Adekunle, COL Adviser: Lifelong Learning for Farmers, commented on the course offerings and their practical and pedagogical importance to farmers increasing agricultural productivity. “The most important aspect that keeps livestock and poultry productive and healthy is proper nutrition while integrated pest management is an important aspect of sustainable agriculture. The course on agricultural statistics is one of the most powerful collateral instruments needed by agricultural researchers and development workers in making developmental inferences.”

To register for any of the agMOOCs, visit

If more information is needed, contact info@

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