COL developing course on Business for Sustainable Development with Open University of Mauritius

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Recognising the importance of global goals for sustainable development, and to assist business leaders adopt sustainable practices, the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), in partnership with the Open University of Mauritius (OUM), is developing a course on Business for Sustainable Development, which will become part of the Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration (CEMBA) programme.

A two-day workshop of course writers was facilitated by Dr. Sanjaya Mishra, Education Specialist: eLearning, COL at the OUM, from 13 to 14 November 2017, to develop the blueprint of the course and integrate open educational resources (OER).

Speaking on the significance of the course, Dr. Romeela Mohee, Education Specialist: Higher Education, COL responsible for the CEMBA programme said: “The course is being developed to address the growing needs of the stakeholders to respond to the sustainability challenges of the world and in particular the SDG 12 on sustainable production and consumption. The learners in this course will not only understand the inter-linkages of the sustainable development goals, but will also develop competencies to apply sustainable practices in different sectors of business and industry.”

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