COL felicitates 96 year old student Mrs Karthyayani Amma

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At 96 years, Mrs Karthyayani Amma is the oldest student to attend the Aksharalaksham literacy examination conducted by the Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority in August 2018. In the exam, which tested reading, writing, and Mathematics, she has scored 98 marks out of 100.

During an official visit to India, COL’s Vice President, Dr K Balasubramanian, visited Mrs Karthyayani’s home and presented a memento with a certificate of appreciation for becoming a beacon of inspiration for lifelong learning. COL valued how she had made education and learning a joyous activity defying age and circumstance. Dr Balasubramanian stressed that ‘her performance in the Aksharalaksham project implemented by Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority has been brilliant and will motivate millions of learners across the Commonwealth.’

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