COL partners with global organisation for women’s empowerment

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COL is partnering with Women Deliver, a global organisation that advocates for girls and women, to design and deliver a series of massive open online courses to over 400 participants of the Women Deliver Young Leaders Program. The courses will be geared towards educating young women and men on issues of women’s health, rights and well-being.

As a part of this partnership, COL is also designing a course for the general public that highlights key issues around women’s empowerment, health, education and access to social services. The course is expected to be piloted shortly.

The courses are being developed through COL’s eLearning for International Organisations (eLIO) initiative, which partners with international organisations on comprehensive online programmes involving a variety of services. Partnership projects are usually in areas of mutual interest and involve a selection of activities such as course development, course delivery and support services, consultancy, training, and evaluation. Current projects focus on gender and quality assurance in online learning.

Photo Credit: Institute of Adult Education, Tanzania

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