COL’s AI course attracts close to 22,000 learners

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In partnership with COL, the Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP) launched the course “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IT and non-IT Professionals.” It aims to inspire learners towards adopting this exciting new field and remove the associated fear factor among the general audience.

With the help of case studies and simple examples, the course introduces basic AI concepts and techniques. It also offers material for further studies in the field for those who want to gain additional proficiency. The six-week course has been offered through the platform of VUP and has attracted close to 22,000 learners since its launch in late 2020.

According to Dr Naveed Malik, Special Adviser: Technology and Innovation: “COL is planning to launch the course across the Commonwealth and will also offer micro-credentials that would prove useful for learners planning to acquire further qualifications in this field.”

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