Course scholarships offered to build “skills for work” across the Commonwealth

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The Commonwealth of Learning has partnered with Coursera and Google to offer scholarships to learners across the Commonwealth in courses that build “Skills for Work”. Learners will enjoy free, six-month access to the entire suite of courses on “Coursera for Business” and “Grow with Google.” Between 1 April – 30 September 2021, the first cohort of more than 18,600 individuals will gain free and unlimited access to employability-oriented courses, which are taught by professors from leading universities and top industry leaders.

“It has been more than one year since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. While this has been a very challenging time, the world has realised the potential of online learning,” said COL President and CEO, Professor. “This new partnership with reputed eLearning providers will create new opportunities for thousands of people, skilling and re-skilling them for better livelihoods.”

Since May 2020, over 150,000 Commonwealth citizens have honed their skills for greater employability under the COL-Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative. From 1 April 2021, Google joins these collective efforts to provide in-demand skills to those who need them the most.

Through this new initiative, 10,000 learners will be able to benefit from “Grow with Google” courses in six IT-specific certification areas. Learners will be able to obtain certificates for each of the courses without paying a fee, and the self-paced, flexible online training can put them on the fast track to jobs in high-growth fields.

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