Cybersecurity course for teachers commences 1 April 2024

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The Commonwealth of Learning’s (COL) fourth offering of the Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (CTT) course is now open for registration and starts on 1 April 2024.

Over five weeks, participants will learn about cyber threats in the digital learning space and how to defend against them. The course will also explore security affordances in online learning platforms and cyber safety for students.

Each week, a one-hour webinar will be held to facilitate peer engagement along with interaction with experienced practitioners to gain deeper insight into the weekly topics.

The first three offerings of the course took place between 2020 and 2022, attracting over 5,900 participants from 89 countries.

Mr Hariharan, a college instructor from India, participated in an earlier offering and said, “Now I know how to create a safe virtual environment for learners, so I am planning on creating one.”

Dr Betty Ogange, COL’s Education Specialist, Teacher Education, commented, “We have revised the fourth offering of the course to include new topics and practical activities based on feedback from previous course offers. Participants will interact with experts in cybersecurity and digital learning, as well as educators from other parts of the world.”

This CTT course is a prerequisite for the Advanced Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (ACTT) course, which will be offered in May 2024.

For more information on the CTT course or to enrol, please visit

To download the course brochure, click here.

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