eLIO signs long term agreement with UNICEF to provide tutoring services

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eLIO signed a long term agreement (LTA) with UNICEF New York in February of 2015 to provide tutoring services for select UNICEF courses. eLIO is recognized as one of the leaders in providing tutor-mediated learning. In a recent impact evaluation study, 71.6% of respondents said eLIO is differentiated from other training providers because of the one-on-one tutoring support.

Currently, eLIO has trained a cadre of 40+ e-tutors/e-coaches who are supporting different versions of the Writing Effectively courses, UNHCR’s Operational Data Management Learning Programme, Commonwealth Secretariat’s Public Debt Management, and UNHCR’s Advanced Programme Management course. eLIO understands that UNICEF’s staff are diverse and globally dispersed and sees tutor-mediated learning in such an environment as one of the critical factors for success.

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