Five Commonwealth countries adopt COL’s Open/Innovative Schooling Model

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Ministries of Education in Belize, Mozambique, Trinidad and Tobago, Vanuatu and Zambia have signed agreements with Commonwealth of Learning (COL) to work together to improve the quality of teaching and learning in mainstream and open schools through eLearning and to broaden access to schooling for out-of-school youth.

COL recently brought representatives from these five countries together in Singapore to share experiences in the implementation of COL’s Open/Innovative Schooling (OIS) model in mainstream and open schools and to provide an opportunity for these participants to align country implementation strategies, find common solutions to the challenges and identify innovative ways to increase the momentum of the programme.

“This was a unique opportunity to have all five countries where the OIS model is being implemented, in one room at the same time,” said Dr Johan Hendrikz, COL Senior Adviser: Open Schooling. “While each country has its own unique context, the workshop allowed us all to see that we have much in common and, with careful planning and implementation, systemic impact is possible.”

Promoting open and distance learning and encouraging the growth of open schooling are part of COL’s core strategic focus areas. COL actively engages with ministries and other stakeholder to build partnerships where COL supports the improvement of education systems and development of open schooling as a means of providing quality educational opportunities for all.

Learn more about COL’s Open/Innovate Schooling Initiative.

Photo: The representatives from Vanuatu, Mr Glenden Ilaisa and Mr Emmanuel Garaesivi.

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