Free MOOC ‘Introduction to Sustainable Development in Business’ starting 31 May

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With the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), business and industry across the globe are looking for opportunities to create win-win situations for increased economic growth and conservation of the environment. The upcoming MOOC on ‘Introduction to Sustainable Development in Business’ starting 31 May 2019 provides an opportunity to learn from the world’s leading experts and enables business practitioners to share their experiences.

Developed by COL and the Open University of Mauritius (OU), this four-week course explores the challenges and complexities of the 17 SDGs, introduces sustainable corporate strategy and the sustainable business scorecard, and offers insight into the opportunities of sustainable trade and the fundamentals and trends of sustainable consumption and production.

“Global citizens have to consider environmental implications when developing corporate strategy and growing a business. Learners will be introduced to the fundamentals of sustainable business practices and the green solutions that can strike a balance between sustainability and economic growth,” said Education Specialist: Higher Education, Professor Romeela Mohee.

The MOOC consists of four units, with each unit comprised of several topics. Participants are encouraged to complete one topic per week. While the course is designed for personalised and social learning online, tutors/facilitators will provide support to learners during the course.

Anyone with access to the Internet and an interest in sustainable development and business can register for the course. Participants will benefit more if they have some awareness of environmental issues and the implications for trade, consumption and production. Whether you are a professional in the field of sustainability, an employee of a NGO, a university student, or simply someone with an interest in the topic, you are welcome.

A certificate of completion will be issued by the OU and COL.

To register and find out more information, visit:

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