Lifelong Learning for Farmers model launched in Zambia

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The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) launched the Lifelong Learning for Farmers (L3F) model in Zambia on May 22, 2018. This launch preceded a three-day capacity-building workshop which was conducted for 25 extension officers from Zambia’s Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock. The workshop was aimed at equipping these officers with the requisite skills in using open and distance learning (ODL) technologies in farmer extension through the L3F model.

“This capacity-building exercise helps the officers in making extension a process that empowers farming communities to manage their own development through self-directed learning and linkages with other stakeholders in the agricultural value chain. ODL is an effective tool to facilitate this process,” said COL Education Specialist: Agriculture and Livelihoods, Mr James Onyango.

COL’s L3F initiative empowers farming communities using open, distance and flexible learning. The initiative is working with several partners in the Commonwealth to build capacity among farmers (mostly women) in skills and financial literacy.

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