New MOOC to demystify blockchain with help from industry partners

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Managers looking to learn the basics of blockchain technology and its practical uses can now register for the ‘Blockchain for Managers: Introduction and Applications’ MOOC launching 5 May 2019

This course does not require any prior knowledge of computer science or programming. It is instead designed for individuals working in mid-level administration and management in the education, finance, civil service and tourism sectors. University students who are interested in the topic are also encouraged to enroll – everyone is welcome.

Course content will focus on the applications of blockchain rather than the technical aspects and will address questions such as “What are the components of a blockchain?” “When and where can you use a blockchain?” and “What problems do blockchains solve?” Case studies from various industries will be used as helpful real-world examples.

The course will be directed by Professor T.V. Prabhakar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering and COL Chair at IIT-Kanpur, a renowned expert in blockchain and other “super” large databases. The co-faculty includes members of academia and industry representatives from major blockchain innovators like IBM and TCS.

Face-to-face mentoring sessions will also take place in Mauritius in late May 2019. Over the course of one week, the local Ministry of Education will host the faculty and organise sessions for up to 60 participants from the Mauritius Government services, academia and business sector as identified by the Ministry’s E-Learning Directorate.

Participants can expect to dedicate roughly four hours per week to the MOOC over the course of four weeks, with the option to extend the course by one additional week.

Certificates of completion will be issued by COL and the Centre for Continuing Education, IIT Kanpur on blockchain and in PDF form.

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