New video series offers a crash course on digital teaching and learning

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What are the underlying principles that guide effective teaching and learning in a Digital Age and how can every instructor help students develop the thinking and attitudes that will set them up for success? A 12-part video series produced by COL features insights from Dr Tony Bates, renowned leader in the field of online and distance education, and aims to become a key resource for educators facing the forced transition to online teaching caused by COVID19.

The videos are based on the key ideas discussed in Dr Bates’ seminal book “Teaching in a Digital Age: Guidelines for Designing Teaching and Learning” and offer theoretical as well as practical tips to improve the quality of teaching in campus-based, blended or fully online learning environments. Topics range from the choice of teaching methods to ideas on how to implement online learning to understanding different learner needs and providing targeted supports to the use of emerging technologies, and much more.

COL President and CEO, Professor Asha Kanwar, noted: “With over 90% of students worldwide not able to attend schools due to COVID-19, open, distance and online learning have become the only means for educational institutions to keep the doors of learning open. For many, this is an entirely new experience and uncharted territory. These videos offer effective solutions to deal with the current crisis and they also guide educators to develop long-term strategies for the Digital Age.”

Learn more about each video here.

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