OER on Business for Sustainable Development

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As part of the CEMBA/MPA programme, a new OER module on “Business for Sustainable Development” was created jointly by the Open University of Mauritius (OUM) and COL. The module has been offered to students currently enrolled in the CEMBA/MPA programme. 92% of the learners surveyed, agreed that this module increased their interest in the subject.

The modules consist of the following units:

  • Adopting a Sustainable Business Model
  • Concept in Sustainable Business
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Strategies and Tools for Sustainable Business
  • Sustainable Consumption and Production (SDG12)
  • Sustainable Trade and Economic Growth
  • The SDG 2030 Goals Applied to Business

Stakeholders had the following to say about the module.

“This six-credit module, developed by academics at the University, aims at empowering students to think differently about doing business in future so that our planet remains safe and prosperous.” Dr Kaviraj Sukon, Director General of OUM.

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