Online consultations held with COL Focal Points from Africa and Europe

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COL held online consultations with Focal Points from Africa and Europe on 28 – 29 April 2020 to engage these key stakeholders in the development of its new strategic plan and ensure its initiatives continue to match national priorities. The meeting, which brought together representatives from 16 countries, aimed at identifying development trends and priority areas that COL should respond to in the new plan (2021-2027).

“The COVID-19 crisis is an important framework for our strategic planning, as 90% of learners are currently affected by the school closures globally. Another 300 million do not go to school at all on better days. We must come up with innovative ideas to support these children,” said Professor Asha Kawar, COL President and CEO.

During the meeting, Professor Kanwar gave a presentation which outlined COL’s work in Africa and Europe and also highlighted, among other things, connectivity and electricity, access to platforms, content and teacher capacity building as key considerations in online learning. She emphasised that the global imperative of SDG4, which continues to 2030, remains the framework for COL’s planning exercise.

Dr Betty Ogange, COL Education Specialist: Teacher Education, presented the results of a survey that had been conducted ahead of the meeting and summarised participants’ expectations based on changes in the region as well as their own country development plans.

Earlier this year, the COL Focal Points from the Caribbean region met in St Lucia. The series will continue in May 2020 with the Asia and Pacific Focal Point consultations.

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