ORELT in Kenya

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Open Resources for English Language Teaching (ORELT) are learning materials collaboratively developed to support the classroom activities of teachers in junior secondary schools. These are open-content, multimedia resources in online and traditional text formats http://www.orelt.col.org/ .

In Kenya, implementation started with the training of teachers from rural and urban/peri-urban junior secondary schools. These teachers were then monitored in the field to assess the impact of the modules upon the teaching and learning of English. The materials were found to be particularly helpful in rural schools, many of which had no resources at all except the teacher’s book. With the ORELT modules, teachers have access to free resources. This second phase brought together 60 teachers to become trainers of other teachers. Many of these teachers are now enthusiastically sharing skills and resources with other teachers in their communities and have trained over 100 teachers. The ORELT resources have helped bring in new approaches. For example, according to Mr. Daniel Mutembei Mbobua, a teacher in Kawiru Secondary School, “The resources encourage working in groups . . . I have started doing this and I can see the confidence of my pupils growing.” Continuing this work, COL is has partnered with the Kenya Institute for Curriculum Development (KICD) after subjecting the materials to vetting, the modules were approved for use as Supplementary English Educational Materials in Secondary Schools in Kenya.

Uganda and Tanzania have also decided to adapt these materials for use in the training of teachers of English language and preliminary training activities have been planned.

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