Sierra Leone’s Freetown Polytechnic develops QA guidelines for ODL provision

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To ensure the excellence of its open and distance learning (ODL) programmes, Freetown Polytechnic (FP), with the support of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), developed Quality Assurance (QA) guidelines for ODL. A three-day workshop was held in September 2023, followed by the validation of the guidelines in October. Forty-seven FP educators and staff members actively participated in this endeavour.

Dr Samba Moriba, Principal of FP, emphasised the significance of this initiative, stating, “COL has provided invaluable support to Freetown Polytechnic in the development of a crucial tool aimed at enhancing the quality of ODL service delivery and improving students’ learning outcomes through compliance with regulations, accountability and benchmarking.”

Ms Fatmata Fullah, a lecturer at FP, lauded the participatory nature of the workshop, highlighting its importance in the educational institution’s pursuit of quality. She noted, “The workshop was a collaborative effort; everyone was fully engaged. This underscores the significance of quality assurance in an institution, ensuring that everything is done correctly and at the right time, for quality means being fit for purpose.”

Dr Evode Mukama, Adviser for Teacher Education at COL, praised FP’s commitment to quality by stating, “These quality assurance guidelines exemplify COL’s dedication to supporting Commonwealth countries in offering high-quality ODL opportunities that are flexible, inclusive and aligned with international standards. This development marks a significant step forward in FP’s pursuit of excellence in ODL.”

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